Month: November 2019

Squeeze – Live Performance, Minneapolis, MN, 3-Sep-2019

Glenn Tilbrook rocks the ukulele

I had low expectations going into the Squeeze concert. After all, Glenn Tilbrook is 62 years old and Chris Difford is 64. I was anticipating a low-energy affair. Boy, was I wrong! This was an energetic and loud excursion through Difford & Tilbrook’s deep catalog, fueled by punk energy and powered by a strong backing band.

Chris Difford

A couple of things really stood out for me. First, in spite of their age and decades of performing, Tillbrook’s and Difford’s voices still sound really, really, good. When they sing together, the combination of Tillbrook’s sweet tenor and Difford’s rough baritone still raise goosebumps. The second thing that stood out, something that I never realized, is that Glenn Tilbrook is a really excellent guitar player. He played lead guitar and all the solos through the entire concert.

Yolanda Charles

The band backing Difford and Tillbrook were excellent. I thought the rhythm section, in particular, were stellar. Drummer Simon Hanson was powerful and energetic while amazing bassist Yolanda Charles was the musical backbone of the band.

Opener KT Tunstall

One-woman band KT Tunstall was the opening act. You may not recognize Tunstall’s name, but you probably have heard her big hit. Her love of performing and gratitude for the audience’s warm reception were obvious. It was so inspiring to watch someone who so obviously loves what she’s doing.

Squeeze set list

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